The Language of Revolution: A Study of Semantics Surrounding the Athens Polytechnic Uprising

My final project for Humanities 104 was a research paper focused on a “revolutionary artifact” that I saw on my study trip to Athens, Greece. I identified the Athens Polytechnic Uprising Memorial as my revolutionary artifact, and used this memorial as a springboard to write a paper assessing the language used in the scholarly conversation about the uprising. After identifying some common language used in discussion of the events, namely the term “revolutionary,” I used Jack Goldstone’s definition of revolution to analyze whether or not scholars should consider the Athens Polytechnic Uprising a revolution.

I would like to thank Dr. Yurika Tamura for planning and facilitating our wonderful study trip, and Dr. Amanda Ewington for her extensive help during the writing process. I would also like to thank the anonymous donor who made the study trips for this course possible.