Faces of My Freshman Year: An Exploration of Portraits and the Art of Photography

A love and appreciation for photography has been instilled in me from the day I was born. My mom, a portrait photographer, album designer, and post-production extraordinaire, and my dad, a photo-lab technician, have been working tirelessly from the day they graduated high school to make names for themselves in the photo industry.

As I grew up, my mom was constantly capturing portraits of her friends, her friends’ children, her own children (I have accumulated lots of images of myself over the years), and other loved ones. Capturing portraits of the people she loves is her way of loving them well. She has captured so many beautiful images of our friends and family over the years and preserved those moments in time so well!

This project is my attempt to step into my mom’s shoes and capture the beauty of the people who have shaped my first-year experience at Davidson.

I was inspired to explore portrait photography after our reading and discussion of Sontag’s Regarding the Pain of Others, as well as our exploration of portraits in Washington D.C.

Without further ado, enjoy my collection of portraits of (some of) the people who have shaped me over the last year.

Sarah Thompson
Gracie Petty
Hampton Tucker
Shelby Graff (left) and Gracie Petty (right)
Duncan Snyder
Gracie Petty
Kelli Fagala
Nkenge Edwards
Timmy Douglas
Lauren Lomel
Graham Hooten
Katie Macturk