Annotated Scholarly Source

Kornetis, Kostis. “No More Heroes? Rejection and Reverberation of the Past in the 2008 Events in Greece.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 28, no. 2 (10, 2010): 173-97.

Kostis Kornetis is a historian and has taught at Brown University, New York University, and St. Antony’s College. He has published many works on the history and memory of social movements in the European South, namely Spain, Portugal, and Greece. This academic article traces the relationship between the December 2008 riots in Greece and past revolutionary movements in Greece, including the Polytechnic Uprising. This article was particularly eye-opening in my research of the scholarly discussion surrounding the Athens Polytechnic Uprising because it argues that the uprising in 1973 was not what brought down the Junta in 1974. This assertion calls into question whether or not the Polytechnic Uprising was in fact revolutionary.