Welcome to my Humanities portfolio! This semester, I have grown as a thinker and a writer thanks to some wonderful professors, students, and fellows who pushed me to ask difficult questions about difficult texts and artifacts. In this portfolio, you will find my work from the last few months, all of which is centered around the themes of revolution and the humanities.

My portfolio emphasizes the human experience because I understand the humanities as the products of the human imagination which have been shaped and informed by the human experience.  The cover image is a collage of photographs taken during my first year at Davidson, as these experiences and faces have shaped the work in this portfolio. Additionally, my “Something New” tab contains artifacts which reflect on my first-year experience and personal revolution throughout the year. The faces in the cover image are contrasted by my revised project titled “The Invisible Pain of the People of Rwanda,” as the faces of those suffering from the trauma of the Rwandan genocide are not being shown.